Thursday, April 26, 2012

Roadside Rescue Free Cupboard doors turned into FRENCH ROADSIGNS!

 BONJOUR everyone!!  :)
While sitting on Pinterest one night looking at all the lovely things
that there are to be looked at I fell in love with some old Road signs.
I thought "how cool would it be to have some of these for decoration on my patio"
Well about 2 days later when a friend had commented on one of my pins said "I can't wait to see what you do" I thought...HOLY CRAP...I can actually make these! :)

So I went to my shed and got out my plethora (I am pretty sure that's a real word) of FREE Roadside Rescue cupboard doors.  I painted them a nice French Blue, since you know I love everything FRENCH! :)

I found this great website of someone who just goes around taking pictures of signs and lets you have FREE downloads. I think this is the LINK. I got an idea for what I wanted
and started drawing on the letters.

Funky Junk Interiors

I then used my KRINK pens to outline the letters and then painted them in.
When they were all dry I distressed the heck out of them and gave them a good coat of Poly.

VOILA!! I now have Free FRENCH roadsigns.  I had the paint and the free doors, so this cost me nothing.

I will give them more coats of Poly on both sides eventually since they will most likely be outside, but If I decide to keep them inside, they can stay like this.

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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