Monday, May 14, 2012

BEACH signs made from DUMPSTER DIVE old ladder

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Here is a fun little project I worked on during my garage sale (that was very, very, dead)
So I had plenty of time to work on other things in the garage while I sat there...doing NOTHING...:)
Luckily the day before the sale I had
my wonderful Hubby chop up this old ladder that I had been saving on the side of the garage.
One of the side legs was completely broken,
but I still didn't want to part with it.
I had grabbed it out of my neighbors trash a while back and was storing it with all my other broken ladders to which I had plans to do SOMETHING with..:)
 So my hubby pieced it out for me and the old steps made the perfect size for old signs..
I quick painted them up with some of the paints I had in my garage.

So while I was sitting there bored to death I remembered these great signs I had seen on pinterest.
They were by CRAFTS by AMANDA
I thought...PERFECT..SO I painted the steps, and hand painted on the words, distressed them
and hung wire on them.

They turned out perfect. It was like they were meant to be.
I hope you find something fun to do this too. I can't wait to hear of other junk that
these signs can be painted on.
I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day.
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