Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weekend wrap up #2

I keep trying to figure out when things ever slow down. I have come to the conclusion that they don't..LOL  at least not when you have 4 kids. :)
So here is another weekend wrap up to make myself feel better about the stuff I did accomplish.
I can guarantee it wasn't laundry or cleaning..:)
First were my French coffee and tea jars. You can see the link to the tutorial HERE

Next you can see the vintage Lemon painting I finished on Monday. This is cheerfully hanging in my kitchen, to keep me feeling sunny even though it is rainy and cold again here in Michigan.

Last but not least my Happy little Mud room bench Makeover. You can see that transformation HERE.
WHEW! I feel better about what I accomplished  how bout you? :)
I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL weekend and an even more BEAUTIFUL
Mother's day!!!
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Rhissanna said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE the lemon painting. It's really bright and has an authentic vintage feel.