Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekend wrap up! double time

So I have just started doing these "weekend wrap ups" and I have already missed a couple. I tell you, these darn kids!! :P Its Crazy what the end of the year always holds. Remember being a kid and getting ready for summer vacation was pretty much field day and cleaning out your locker. Little did we know what our parents were going through. While I look forward to the LACK of a schedule
(if that is at all possible with 4 kids) It will still take a bit to adjust. Sooooo here is a couple weeks of wrap up. Since we will be on our first camping trip of the year.
You know I was painting my kitchen last week. (still haven't got that posted about yet) It was one of those..."HOLY CRAP, the kids are gonna be home in a week, I gotta get this done before they are all here trying to make peanut butter sandwich while I paint the kitchen" deal-e-o's.
So I got it painted and needed a new Painting for the kitchen. So I painted my Sunflowers for the kitchen. You can see that post HERE
Before that I had made my FIRST EVER freezer paper STENCIL and made these really cute ANCHOR throw pillows. You can see how I did that HERE
That is the wrap up for 2 weeks ago, and this past weeks is here
I had spent some time in WINE COUNTRY...Traverse City style and saw some cute aprons while I was up there. One of them really SPOKE to me..:) and I had to make it. You can see the "screw it"
apron post HERE

and last but not least, my little table that could. I didn't like how it turned out the first time around so I saved it in my pile of to do stuff and ended up great the 2nd time around.
You can see my table FIX HERE
So there is my double time wrap up. I am sure there were more projects in there somewhere, but this ole brain of mine used up every ounce of memory trying to pack our camper for the weekend...That REMINDS me...I need to pack underwear...LOL!!! can't forget that!!
I hope you guys have a BEAUTIFUL weekend and I will talk to you all when I get back!!