Sunday, September 16, 2012

A day at painting class!

Good Morning my Beauties! I bet you can guess how I spent my weekend.
My sister Cathy is an amazing artist and worked in many mediums, but
FINALLY this weekend she did a class for family teaching ACRYLICS.
I was so excited not only to get to take the class, but to be a student with my Mom and my Sister.

Cathy got us started with some practice strokes and then right on to painting our daisies.

I can't believe how patient she was with all of us..(especially considering we were family and could have totally treated us like; ....well.....FAMILY)  :)

We all had a fun time painting and laughing.

My favorite picture of the day....MY MOMMA! She was not as happy with her painting, but I was quite jealous. It turned out like a VAN GOGH! I told her to stop and leave it. It looked so cool just the way it was.

Here we all are proudly holding our Daisy Paintings.
It was a fun day with fun people Painting...
what more could you want?????
If you would like to check out my Sisters Web Page You can see that HERE
You can also see here Facebook Page HERE
You will be able to see all her BEAUTIFUL pieces.
I hope you  all have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!
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Anita said...

Oh this looks like so much fun! I've always wanted to learn to use acrylics!

Good Time Charlie said...

This is just a beautiful post. I wish my sisters and mom would all come visit so we could spend a day painting. Clearly, painting and artists run in your family!

Catherine Tonning said...

Thanks Karin. I had a great time also.
As you can see now first hand I really enjoy teaching
almost as much as creating the paintings.
It was a great class and everyone did an awesome job!
I'm still cleaning up, lol but it wouldn't be art without
a mess, right?
Anyway thanks for all your enthusiastic support. Love ya,