Monday, September 17, 2012

French Vintage Travel Trunk

Good Monday Morning my Beauties. Guess what I worked on
this weekend?

I had gotten this old Foot Locker trunk at a garage sale this summer. It was in O.K. condition
but it had some bad spots on it.  So I decided to boost it up with a little paint.
I had mixed up a custom color that I was using on another piece and I had a little bit left over.
I perfect I will use it on this.
I did a light wash over the old blue part.

You can see it here. I loved how the darker blue came through making it have a little cooler texture.
I knew I didn't want to leave it plain. I wanted a graphic on it. So I used part of a graphic I have used before.
I went on over to the
and got the Maison graphic, but only used the address part of it.

I used my carbon paper to transfer it on and then my Krink Markers to fill it in.
When it was dry I distressed the letters and numbers.

I love the vintage feel that it added to this plain old trunk

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day.
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