Monday, October 8, 2012

DIY Halloween Camping

Well good morning my BEAUTIES!
We had a great weekend.
I did NOTHING!!!
can you believe it?
Yeah neither can I ....:) (It took me a week to pack and
get costumes ready and work on projects so I could leave for the weekend; but once I got there, I relaxed)
Well I wouldn't say NOTHING. It took me forever to
get ready for the camping weekend since it was trick or treat camping.

It was a typical cool October for us here in Michigan.

The kids had a great time playing in the WILD outdoors. Running through the woods with their
light sabers and climbing trees.

But what they came for was the GAMES and CANDY..:)
This is such a cute game for all of you looking for DIY's for your class party's.
Just carve pumpkins to play mini-golf in. The kids loved it.

The twins even got their fortune told.

Then the fun part. WE got to dress up and trick or treat too.
Russ was Bert from Mary Poppins and I was Mary. I got our entire outfit from Goodwill or from our
closet. We got lots of compliments. Even hubby was smiling and he hates to dress up.
I think he liked all the ladies checking him out...LOL!
(wanna know something funny about my hat?  Its a Miller Highlife fishing hat..I spray painted it black and stuck flowers in it...HOW'S that for DIY) :)

This is the kids favorite part....TRICK OR TREAT.
I love to recycle our costumes to Goodwill when we are done,
and that is where I got all the girls costumes. I go in spend a few bucks on
their costumes and donate them back when we are done.
(Everett was the only one with a store bought, since we couldn't find anything that he hadn't already been)  He thought he was pretty cool.

Here is the morning after..Cold but the kids didn't care. They started a fire to stay warm while we packed up.

This is the view heading home. The sun just hitting the water and the trees starting to change.
All in all a GREAT weekend! (and a ton of work, but SO Worth it!)
What more could you ask for?

I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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Unknown said...

That looked like a ton of fun, Karin! And how cute were you two! Your hubby is a cutie... I probably couldn't beg Scott to dress up for me. What a good sport! Your kids are just adorable!!! So glad y'all had such a fun weekend!

Kathryn J Cain said...

what fun, and your Hubby is a cutie..your kids...loved the costume..put a kid in a hero's costume...and they all go for the action the leaves and bet this cold is chilly this morning..hey its cold in TX too

Unknown said...

What a riot! Love your costumes and all your hard work will pay off in memories that last a lifetime!

Unknown said...

such a lovely trick or treat pic this is. this post made me smile. Hope you have more and more fun everyday.