Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Simple and quick Cute Silhouette Easter Bunny art

 Sorry FOLKS, this is a REPLAY week.
So here is a blast from the PAST!
I have plenty to share, Just not plenty of TIME!
So since Easter is around the corner I thought I would show you a quick and easy repurposing craft.

Good Monday Morning my Beauties! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
I am busy busy busy, getting the new booth ready for the Grand Opening on Friday March 1st.
I am so excited not only for myself but for all the other NEW vendors coming into the store.
There are a ton of people starting out for the first their creative dream.
Whats not exciting about that?! order to start stocking up on more things I knew I had to get started on my smalls
for the booth. So I thought why not make some Easter stuff.
I had this old board that I got at Goodwill.

I painted over it with my CeCe Caldwells paint.

I then went to my silhouette program and printed out some bunnies.
I used just plain old contact paper to transfer the cut outs to the board.
I then used 3 different colored craft paints to paint in the bunnies.

Here they are, cute little Bunnies, ready for Easter!

One project down, only about 500 more until I am ready.
I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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