Friday, March 1, 2013

Changing Thymes II Grand Opening Booth Reveal

Good Morning my Beauties!
WHEW!! It has been a busy couple of weeks...
For all of you that follow on Facebook, You know that this is what has
been taking up most of my time.  Getting Ready for a second store and
a new booth from Scratch!.

This my friends is the BEFORE. I am truly amazed at our owner! Jodi is an amazing
artist and how she could see this in her mind turning our exactly as she had thought
always blows us away.  I had faith in her vision and I am so GLAD that I followed her over to the second store.
She has worked so hard all for us.
I was also blown away that she now supports 250 families.
She and her husband are amazing people.
We are her family...
They have just given us and even bigger canvas on which to create our dreams!

Here is the progression of my booth..
I painted my floor and did a nice Moroccan stencil.
When it was dry I put a coat of floor poly to protect it.
Then the fun part...Drilling into cement...
We used old fencing and doors to build my walls. 

This for me is always the fun part...
I got to put up my chalkboard sign and
start to fill the booth and decorate.

Here it is starting to get filled...

and here was another momentous  moment....The Hanging of the signs!
Changing Thymes....second location!!
2900 Wilson Ave..
Grandville Michigan 49418

Can you even believe...This started and a giant open a matter of weeks...!

If you are ever in Grandville Michigan...Pretty much plan on spending your weekend here..
With the two stores within half a mile from each other..its pretty much like going to IKEA..
Its a day trip!
Over 250 vendors...!!
Thank you all who have supported me along the way..
who have bought my stuff and supported my dream.
I love you all!
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