Monday, March 4, 2013

Peacock drop leaf table with homemade chalk paint

 Good Morning my Beauties...Due to the fact that I have had and insane couple of weeks opening the new booth. I am just gonna re-show you an old post. This was one of my personal favorites when I got a truck load of fun stuff! Including this table!
TA-DA!!!!! Here is the table I have finally finished!!

I don't know if you remember a month or so ago I got to go to this great estate sale where I got my grandmother clock and some other great goodies.
Well here is one; or I should say TWO of my goodies...You see these two pieces were from two different tables, So I got to create a MARRIAGE of the two pieces. The base had this funny little dowel piece to fit into but the hole on the top didn't fit. SOOOOOO,

Instead of trying to drill the hole bigger in the top. I just sawed that sucker right off the base. Kept it nice and flat and clean.

Then I flipped it over and used some liquid nails and screwed the base into the table top....A marriage made in heaven, if you ask me.  Sometimes it takes a second chance to find true love...:)

Once the glue was dry, I got out a couple of my favorite OOPs paint samples from Lowes. There was  a green and a blue. So I base coated the table in the blue and let it dry.

Then I used the now tried and true Homemade Chalk Paint recipe that you can find HERE

The next day when it was nice and dry, I drew on a simple little Peacock in pencil.

AND this is where the fun really started...I used my KRINK paint pens that are now a staple for me, and went to town. Once the paint had cured I got out my wax and started distressing the table.
This is when it came to me to distress the body of the bird down to the blue.  I loved seeing the blue come through the green.

I even made sure his little tail feather hung over a little.

I also love how the wax really showcased the base detail on the table.

So now here she sits!! PRETTY AS A PEACOCK!!!  I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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