Monday, March 11, 2013

How to make a NEW footlocker LOOK OLD and ANTIQUE using paint and a graphic

Good Morning my Beauties...
This is a fun and simple quick DIY..but its a quick one..
We as usual had a very busy and fun weekend..with some unexpected
extra time spent helping friends...
So I barely got this one done, but I did!
So here is how to take those new Foot Lockers
and make it look like its been around for a while.

I picked this up at Goodwill for 6 bucks. It was just the plain old black footlocker.
I had just mixed up some custom Ce Ce Caldwell's paint for another project and thought..I will just slap this leftover on here.

I didn't want to be careful with the paint because I wanted it to look old and I knew some of the paint would come off of the brass when I waxed it..
Once it was dry I used my light aging wax and clear wax ... I then quickly used one of my favorite graphics from the GRAPHICS FAIRY
and used some carbon paper to transfer it on.
Once it was on I used my Krink markers to just draw on the design.
I buffed it out and now it looks like its been sitting around for quite some time.

Sorry I couldn't spend a ton of time on this post for you, but the kids need me and I gotta go get a bunch more stuff ready for the week.
I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy way to turn something NEW...OLD again..:)
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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