Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Old Sauder Cupboard Turned vintage Cottage style Pantry.

Good Morning my Beauties.
First of all let me say...If you see the word PANTY anywhere in is a TYPO..LOL
I have typed and typed and typed and Keep catching myself typing "vintage cottage style PANTY"
NO...I didn't turn a sauder cupboard into a pair of underwear...LOL...Its just my Mom brain
trying to trip me up again...
Anywhooooo, on with the Makeover.

I grabbed this cute little cupboard last week when I played hookie with my little sister.
It was just an old Sauder cupboard but I loved the style of it.
I could hardly wait to paint it.

As soon as I got it home I started sanding it down.
I gave the outside 2 coats of  CeCe Caldwells Omaha Ochre
and the inside  Sante Fe Turquoise.

I loved how it was looking but I wanted a little more UMPH...
So I used my Silhouette to print out this PANTRY stencil.
I used black craft paint to paint it on.

I then waxed and distressed the whole thing and buffed it out.

I love how something plain and boring looks like its an old vintage piece.

From old Junky Sauder to vintage looking goodness.
I hope you enjoyed...I know I had fun with this one!
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.

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Jessica Culp said...

Very cool. You took something that wasn't worth anything and made it awesome. Great job Karin:)

lynn cockrell said...

Wonderful job on that little Sauder cabinet. It was smart of you to paint the inside. The details can make all the difference. She is so pretty, inside and out.

Merri Jo said...

Fabulous transformation!

Jamie @ Domestically Vintage said...

I really love your pantry! Super cute. I went to the new store (and the original store) on Saturday. Your booths are looking great! I didn't see you there. Maybe one of these days we will actually run into each other. Have a great week. :) ~ Jamie

Unknown said...

Love the pop of color on the inside!!

Sumaya at Evocative Vintage said...

Love it! Love the Panty...oops Pantry and the contrast in colors!:)


Kathryn J Cain said...

love this so very fun and you certainly get a lot of panties in this unit...or a knicker or two....I am LOL

srpprcrftr said...

I have to say I sure love how that old plain big box store bought cupboard changed it's identity from dull to downright snazzy with the paint. You've sure inspired me. Great job. Happy Spring

Anonymous said...

That's a great transformation to what was once a cheapo looking cupboard... I have one out in the shed, hmmm you've giving me a good idea! thanks for sharing your project. Little Bit

Irene said...

thanks for sharing a great little project. So glad your stencil is spelled correctly. I did that once, did a whole scrapbooking bookm,spent hours and a great deal of $, for my sister's anniversary and had a spelling error in the title. And nobody noticed until years later. So I UNDERSTAND the mom brain all too well.

Linda Walker said...

Absolutely love the pantry....I need one too and I just love the way you transformed the cupboard. Will be keeping my eyes opened for a similar cupboard to redo. Thank you for posting! Linda

TheMoonAndMe said...

Looks awesome! You're right...the style of it was perfect for some "vintage" painting. :)