Thursday, July 25, 2013

French Gray/Blue Pier One wine bar makeover

 OH OH my BEAUTIES....You are never gonna believe this...I entered a competition MONTHS ago...thinking NOTHING of it...In fact...My sister put me up to it....
I didn't know I could enter stuff I sold so I only entered 2 things that I have kept for myself...Well I have gone and made it in the competition and now I need HELP.....
I entered my French Armoire made from an old Entertainment Center..and my Free Federal Buffet turned Bar....THEY were chosen..I about CHOKED!!! I was out to dinner with my hubby and grabbed the magazine on my way to the bathroom...there I was...My NAME my FURNITURE>>> HUGE favor to ask!! I made the TOP TEN in a local competition for MISSION MAKEOVER....I NEED YOUR HELP...All I need you to do is to CLICK on the link and LIKE my FRENCH ARMOIRE....

I will love you forever...Even though I already do....

NOW on with the Latest MAKEOVER....This was a piece I got from a dear friend...
She emailed me and said..HEY...I got this furniture we were gonna take to GOODWILL; DO YOU WANT IT????? (thank you my dear sweet Erin)
UM YEAH!!!!!!!!!!  does a camel love Wednesdays...LOL  (sorry its from the hump day commercial I just love..LOL)

This is the before..Its the ONLY picture I have of it PRE makeover..
I know I took like 100 pictures of it during the process...but somewhere in my ARTIST brain..
I think I deleted them on the card before I transferred them to the computer...I
think we had an orchestra or band concert and I needed being in MOM mode
before one of the kiddos marched on stage I wiped the whole SD card to make room.....DOH!!!
Oh well, C'est La Vie

So you catch how it started and ended...I wanted an old French Barn wood color..
So I custom mixed this gray/blue almost purple color..

I painted the whole thing and while the paint was wet, I dragged white through the top
and on the fronts of the doors...I really wanted it to have an old wood feel but richer...

After it was dry I distressed it and then waxed and buffed it...
I really was very very happy with how rich in color it turned out..
Sometimes you just go with the flow and this was one of those times...

and here it its French Barn Wood weather Gray/blue glory..haha..
Sorry I rambled in this post but my mind is going a mile a minute with
the competition news..I am sure my BEAUTIES least I hope!!
Thank you oh so much for stopping over and if you voted...then an additional
virtual hug to the one I already want to give you!!
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.

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