Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pumpkins Cider and Hayrides Autumn Craft from old Cupboard door

I am trying to Motivate myself to get working on some Fall
Crafts. So I am recapping this old post in the hopes of being INSPIRED!
ENJOY! karin chudy painted diy craft

Good Morning my Beauties.
Just a quick post to show you IN FACT that I did do an
Autumn craft this year..:)
I actually did it a couple weeks ago and just now
am getting around to posting it.
Its modeled after the one that Ella Claire did which I just loved.

I have a ton of these old doors in my shed thanks to a friend who remodeled her kitchen.
I save them for when I have just the right sign I want to make.
I just filled the the old hole from the knob and started painting.

I used some custom mixed colors on this to get the reddish orange on the edge.
and painted the middle white.
Wanting the sign to look old its nice because it doesn't have to be perfect.

Using my silhouette I just cut out the words "pumpkins Cider and Hayrides" in'
different fun fonts and then added the arrow.
I used acrylic paint to paint in the stencil.
When it was done I waxed and buffed the whole thing.
and now I can say I did an Autumn craft and get that whole monkey off
my back..LOL!!
I hope you enjoyed!

and now I really want some CIDER..:)
Have a BEAUTIFUL day...
Until next time,
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