Thursday, October 17, 2013

Discarded dresser turned DRESS FORM Beauty

Good Morning my Beauties! Sorry to leave you hanging all week
with nary a post, just the way life is right now.
I know you all understand and I have to thank you so much for continuing to
come along on my little journey even when the blog is slow.
But I have BEEN churning out projects...and even photographing the ones I can,
so I have posts..its just finding the time to put them up..
Here is one of the projects I did get photophraphed....So lets get started shall we..:)

Here is what I started with..a discarded dresser...It was in pretty good condition, considering

but the back leg was being the crafty thinker that I am..
I went to my scrap pile and re-supported the back leg where the old backing had been and just used some wood filler to smooth out the surface and make it usable..

then it was time for the FUN... I knew I wasn't going to reused the old hardware so I started by filling in the old holes so I could use knobs when it was done..
I gave her a couple of coats of a custom color I whipped up
and worked on what I was gonna do next.

I knew I didn't want to leave her I decided to use my silhouette to cut out a large dress form image. I will tell you right here...I kinda wished I would have free handed this on or something cause getting the vinyl to line up took me more time than I had anticipated...I am pretty sure I could have free handed it faster..But I was committed to the vinyl at this point so I stuck it out.
I used a mix of acrylic craft paints in black and silver to give it a multi layer effect.

after it was all dry,  I distressed it a bit and then waxed and buffed it.

Since she was going to be a dress for dresser, I decided she needed some pretty buttons..
So I picked these gorgeous mercury glass knobs, to make her sparkle.

I think it turned out great..

and I hope you agree....from trash to treasure..
Until next time,
I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day.. by Picasa
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