Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hand Painted "HARVEST" SIGN

Happy Harvest!!! 
I know its a bit early (at least for me) 
to be thinking about fall decorating..
but according to HOBBY LOBBY; I am already LATE!
(They have all their Christmas stuff up already)
So I decided, I better get my REAR in GEAR!!!  I went out to my shed and grabbed some scrap boards. Stuff the hubby is constantly trying to steal for bon fires and such..(I hoard them like Precious)    :) I slapped on some paint I had laying around in a kind of gradation.
 I then used my computer and printer and just typed out Harvest. I used my carbon paper to
                                                             transfer it to the board.
                                       Then I set to painting it in with my Brown acrylic paint
                                        and I also added some cute little pumpkins on the end.
                       After the paint was dry, I distressed it with sand paper and sealed it with spray poly.
                                                       I am now only 1 season behind now.
                                                       I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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