Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hand Painted "HARVEST" SIGN

Happy Harvest!!! 
I know its a bit early (at least for me) 
to be thinking about fall decorating..
but according to HOBBY LOBBY; I am already LATE!
(They have all their Christmas stuff up already)
So I decided, I better get my REAR in GEAR!!!  I went out to my shed and grabbed some scrap boards. Stuff the hubby is constantly trying to steal for bon fires and such..(I hoard them like Precious)    :) I slapped on some paint I had laying around in a kind of gradation.
 I then used my computer and printer and just typed out Harvest. I used my carbon paper to
                                                             transfer it to the board.
                                       Then I set to painting it in with my Brown acrylic paint
                                        and I also added some cute little pumpkins on the end.
                       After the paint was dry, I distressed it with sand paper and sealed it with spray poly.
                                                       I am now only 1 season behind now.
                                                       I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!


Unknown said...

Great minds and all. I too drug some scrap pieces in to do signs this week. Been towing with doing an open house soon.
Luv your sign :-)
Need to get my butt in gear!
CHeers, Gee

Eclectically Vintage said...

I'm ready for fall now!

Unknown said...

Great sign. I've been "doing" signs lately too! It's so much fun.

Laurie | Love Your Surroundings said...

That is so nice! Great job and thanks for the inspiration!

Audrey said...

Nicely done. Great idea ... that would look good on one of my toolbox totes. Gotta get busy on that. Thanks for the inspiration.
Audrey Z.
Timeless Treasures.

Unknown said...

Cool sign! Love the color and the font!

Unknown said...

Just found your blog and I love it...Following on facebook


Anonymous said...

I love this plaque! I love how easily you painted the letters! Great job!