Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Super Shabby Buffet Makeover and my 15 minutes of TV fame...

Good Morning My Beauties!
It has been a whirlwind of week here at Art is Beauty.
I got asked to do my very first ever TV interview for a local station
Fox 17 Grand Rapids.
They were doing a piece on upcycling and decided to interview ME..
I was stressed to the max in the week leading up. I had to get my booth decorated and get it just right..then a HUGE storm came in and wiped out power. We had to postpone the interview
because of NO POWER but thankfully everyone in our area was safe.
I also had to finish this piece that I wanted to have in booth.
OH and finish and Oil Painting....:)  what???? This is how my brain works.
So I got my Buffet finished and
my oil painting finished

and got my booth decorated in time for the Interview.

I have linked up a couple of the live interviews below

UPCYCLING...A way to turn Trash into Treasure!
You can click on the link to hear my Man Voice..LOL! 

The Beautiful Leigh Ann Towne (and guess what...she is ONE of US..she is a creative person and a DIY'er)  Interviewing Me for the tv segment Link HERE
They got two of the 3 live recorded segments up, I am still waiting to see the 3rd..
Since I really don't remember any of it..:)
But enough about that...Lets move onto the buffet

This was the piece I was pushing to get done before the interview!
I got this about 4 days before I got the call to do the show
I grabbed this baby on clearance at a thrift shop...30 bucks..
the top was a little beat up and it weighed about a million pounds but other than that..
great condition!

Before I even got the handles off I started layering colors.
I wanted some red and cream to poke through the final finish (I used CeCe Caldwells Traverse City Cherry, and Omaha Ochre.)

When that was finished I went over it with Michigan Pine.
I waxed it and distressed it and added these awesome knobs from
Hobby Lobby that I have been saving for a project...PERFECT MATCH!

I wanted to give this a very shabby when I distressed it..I really DISTRESSED it.
It was so much fun!

I love how it looks so vintage!

I have to thank you all so much for following along
with me. I have been blessed beyond measure and it was pointed out to me by
the owner of my booth how PROUD my hubby was of me during the interview.
I was so busy and nervous I didn't notice..but she said he was lit up with pride.
Its nice to know that after knowing each other for 25 years I can still do things that make
him proud of me. He knows I think the same of him and am so thankful for the support
he gives me..(even if sometimes he gets grouchy about the stuff in the garage....and the basement...and the living room...LOL)
Thank you all for following along with me on my little adventure and
the amazing support that you all give me!
Hugs, and till next time!
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!
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