Monday, June 9, 2014

Elkay Kitchen Sink and Parma Faucet Remodel Reveal
Good Morning my Beauties!
 I had a few minutes to spare this weekend and only a FEW;
so I thought I better quick snap some pictures of our new Kitchen Sink and Faucet Reveal.
(Meaning, it was clean, so this was the perfect opportunity to take pictures)
What can I say..we live REAL LIFE here and sometimes Real life ain't pretty. :)
I have to tell you...
I am IN LOVE! 
I mean whats NOT to love!????
I know, I am betting like ME; You are probably not a fan of doing dishes...
I HATE it...but this SINK and FAUCET makes things a LITTLE bit more Enjoyable.
Here is what we were dealing with before.

 I will have to admit..I am not a SINK fan...I have not had good luck over the years
with out sink choices....we have had enamel and cast iron and then this "quartz" type sink.
Non of them could stand the test of the
"ART IS BEAUTY" family.
My Hubby is a home brewer...
I am an artist...
My kids...well they are kids....
Our sinks take a beating, from paint to brewing equipment,
to kids leaving food sitting in the sink..
Its a mess...
This past sink was suppose to be a NO STAIN sink..
Yeah, it was....for a while....but even it couldn't handle us..
That's when we was time to go STAINLESS STEEL!
I won't bore you with the Chemical Miracle that this amazing compound is,
but sometime...when you are bored, look up how it was discovered...
then, someday when you are on a game show you will answer the winning question
of how stainless steel was invented...You won't be sorry..and you can
WOW your friends at dinner parties with your incredible knowledge...
You're WELCOME! :)
But I digress....
Now it was time to replace the sink..

That's when I called in my super sexy (will work in his pajama's) 
Plumbing the name of HUBBY
First things first..we took the doors off the cupboard..this makes it much easier to get to your work space...
we have shut offs under the sink but just to be safe we always shut off the main water too..
and when disconnecting we keep a bucket underneath for the water in the lines and pipes that is sure to drain out when disconnected.

Once the sink was disconnected underneath and the mounting brackets were off we were 
able to remove the sink.
Now for the fun part..
after pulling out the old sink we needed to use a razor blade to carefully scrape off the old
caulk from around the old sink.
Then it was time to dry fit the sink and faucet .
It was finally time to put my new beauties in.
National Builder Supply was so kind in supplying me 
with the most awesome sink and faucet
and AMAZING customer service.
I will admit..even with me triple measuring everything and checking schematics
I still managed to screw it up and ordered 
something that wouldn't fit..
I had even said to my husband...That I had KNOWN..I was gonna screw SOMETHING up..
its just the way of DIY.
Well National Builder Supply was AWESOME with my return and speedy
They didn't even make me feel stupid..
Which I am honestly pretty good at..:)
Once I had finally worked out what was going to work with my kitchen
and the DANZE Parma Kitchen Faucet. 
I am so happy with my choices.
Now onto the rest of my INSTALL.
Once we got the sink and faucet fitted it was time to start hooking up the plumbing.
I will admit right now, nothing ever goes as planned, which is why we NEVER do
plumbing on a Sunday, when if you have an emergency, you are SCREWED...:)
(just my 2 cents on the matter...I don't know how many horror stories I have heard about this happening to people)
We got the sink centered and then we installed the brackets to keep the sink in place.

Then it was onto the pipes.
Here is my hubby working the PUZZLE that is add to the fun, we decided to forgo our
old disposal..all it did was encourage the kids to throw soggy cereal and all kinds 
of other disgusting things in the sink...
Now they are forced to finish their cereal...(two stone)
Also we went from two drains to one so hubby had to cap off one of the old drains and re route the dishwasher that used to drain into the disposal.
Luckily, he has done this plumbing job many times and is WAY more patient than 
I ever would be.
 Needless to say, it was worth the effort and he was rewarded with
lots of kisses..(and me promising to wait to ask at least a week for him to HELP me with another project)   :)
 I have to tell you too..that this fits his 5 gallon brew pot and my giant restaurant skillet with room to spare...No more teetering pots and pans trying to fill and clean only to have them slip and spill all over the place.
I also waited a couple weeks to post to make sure that this stood up to our TOUGH set of standards.
I can tell you...Its amazing..I am honestly KICKING myself for not doing it sooner.
The sprayer on the sink makes for easy clean up and I feel like such a GOURMET 
with it in my kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed this latest Makeover...
Please note.
 I received product  for reviewing National Builder Supply products. All opinions are genuine.
Because honestly..have you ever known me to NOT be..:)
Now go out there and make someones day BEAUTIFUL..
I will be in my KITCHEN staring at my sink and faucet.