Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Vintage Outdoor RETRO Rocker Makeover.

 In my recent post about my DIY build it yourself Farmhouse style TABLE

 People were asking about the CHAIR...
Well here you can see how I transformed my old rescued metal chair.

 Well Hello my BEAUTIES!
Do I ever have a fun makeover for you guys today.
I got to try some fun new OUTDOOR vintage paint and 
I had the PERFECT piece for it.

 Wouldn't you say that this chair was deserving of a MAKEOVER???
I got the chair out of my neighbors garbage.
The sad part was there was 2 of them..
I woke up one morning and it was storming out like crazy.
I went to go bring my kids to school when I spotted them across the street
next to my neighbors garbage.
The GARBAGE truck was turning the corner onto our street!
Now let me remind you..It was STORMING...
I had a decision to make...Risk getting soaking wet and possibly struck by lightning (it wasn't actually lightning out but it was booming)
Or leave them to the trash man.....
I darted across the street in the rain....Clothes now in mere seconds soaked...
all the way to my undergarments...:)
I grabbed one chair...I had one chance....The garbage man was on my heals..
I picked up my chair holding it victoriously above my head as my children stood across
the street in my driveway screaming "HURRY MOM!!!!!" 
Just as I got into my garage the garbage man grabbed the other chair and lifted it into his truck.
The other chair was gone....I, in my haste at least grabbed the better of the two..the other had rusted through holes and the bottom of the rocker rungs rusted through too.
This one was at least totally intact.
I still think about the one that got away but it was not to be :)

This is where this great product comes in to play.
You know how I LOVE color and I wanted that PUNCH of it when painting just this one single chair.
I chose Cerise.
The pigment so DEEP and RICH...
It would for sure make my vintage chair beautiful again.

 I sanded my chair just getting the loose chunks off...before that when I was working on my patio
I had actually POWER WASHED the whole thing too.
So it did a great job of cleaning and removing the loose paint.
Now it was time to start painting.
The Maison Blanche Paint Company's revolutionary Vintage Outdoor Furniture Paint is formulated with UV filters to help your color stay truer, longer. It's also permeable, allowing it to breathe and expand. Perfect for outdoor weather conditions. 

Now, you can get the sandable, chalky finish you love on your outdoor pieces, like patio furniture and planters. 

 If you need an extra hints or how too's the great thing is that 
Maison Blanche has a whole bunch of videos showing you how to use each and every single product

Once I painted my chair, I used Maison Blanches Satin Varnish
as extra protection from our crazy Michigan weather.

 Quite the difference wouldn't you say!
It definitely added that PUNCH of color I was looking for.
It goes perfectly on my newly made over vintage patio.
You can see that post HERE 

 The best part of all this is that our FALL's or AUTUMN is far better than our spring and summer.
So now I have the perfect place to have my cup of coffee in the morning. 

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"I received product and/or compensation for reviewing Maison Blanche Paint Company products. All opinions are genuine."
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