Thursday, October 2, 2014

Favorites of ARTPRIZE 2014 & Happy Birthday Katie!

 Good Morning my Beauties! 
Sorry this post is going up a bit late,
but I have been editing for the last 2 hours
and am going a bit cross eyed.
As you know every year,
our Big City of Grand Rapids Michigan
holds a wonderful thing called
I actually call it ARTPRIZE season, because whole schedules are made around
this event.
I have been lucky enough to have been able to go EVERY SINGLE YEAR.
It is the most glorious event, where everyone is walking around the city,
checking out all the art and it brings such a happy buzz to the city.
I truly believe there is no where else in the country
where a city could do this with the ease and fun that
Grand Rapids does.
But enough about that.
This post is a BIRTHDAY post to my dear friend Katie.
You see Katie has been given more than any person should have to deal with.
Honestly I don't know how she does it.
There are prisoners on death row that don't deserve what she has been given.
I know she gets down sometime and wonders "WHY HER"?
But she never lets that stop her from making me smile.
You see, I have been given a title from the beginning to be her 
I know what you are thinking...KARIN????
I know....Hard to swallow..
but dutifully I have been her smart ass...
even when she was given yet another blow to her life,
I am the one who has to come up with Smart ass comments
to make her smile and as she says "feel normal"
(I have no idea what normal is so I am winging it on that one) :)
But for just this moment..I have decided I can be a smart ass no more..
Instead I am giving her the gift of ARTPRIZE.
You see over the last few months even though she has been in Grand Rapids,
it has been on Lock down in hospitals, in and out of consciousness.
Never able to enjoy all this that is around her.
So as my gift to my dear friend. I am giving her what she can't 
get out to see. 
I hope you like it Katie.
These are some of my faves, just for you.

 Sorry there are no explanations with the photos,
but I figured I would let you enjoy them silently.
(since I am so very rarely silent) 
If you have a moment...
say a prayer for my friend...
and maybe even sing happy birthday..
in an as OFF KEY note as you can do.
Its how I would sing her happy birthday! 
and she would love it....
Until next time...
Go make someones day Beautiful!
I hope I have!