Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Beat up Desk gets and EXECUTIVE makeover.

Good Morning my Beauties..
Its time for another makeover.
Sorry I couldn't get it posted yesterday but we have had an
extremely busy and full weekend.
Working on the bathroom and the superbowl,
but also My hubby who is a teacher MC's his high School Talent show every year.
He and another teacher have been doing it as a duo for the last 5 years.
They fill time between the set changes for the cast and generally make fools of 
Every year I am surprised by what he does (he keeps it quite secret so its always just as
much a surprise to me as it is his students)
Well this year was no different.
I am very proud of the hubby and the fact that he will totally embarass himself in
order to take some of the stress away from the kids getting ready to go on stage.
Here is one of my favorite parts of the night.
He and the other teacher were doing a lip sync battle,
The hubby seemed to have won this one..
and surprised me with his JOURNEY lip sync..
You can see the clip Here.

 Yes..that is my SIGNATURE laugh you are hearing in the video..
I just had to share a little bit into our crazy life..
I hope you enjoyed...
Now on to the makeover.

This was what I started with.
It was an old cherry desk..
It weighed about a million pounds 
The top of the desk was pretty bad.
I sanded it down and just restained the top.
For the drawers they were actually in ok conditoin so 
I just waxed them and buffed them up.
But the base was in not in great conditon.
I decided to go with the duo tone and paint the base
a gray blue custom color.

I painted the whole base and then 
waxed and buffed it.
It was quite simple really but I think it 
had a big effect.

I kept as much as the original as I could 
while still updating it.
I love how it turned out.

Just a little bit of paint made a big difference.
I hope you enjoyed the latest makeover.
I will be back later this week with
the Be~YOU~tiful Link party!
Until then, I will hopefully be finishing 
the bathroom remodel.
I hope you have a Beautiful day!
Inspiration Monday