Friday, June 26, 2015

Random Things happening at Art is Beauty!

Good Morning my Beauties!
Its been a busy week here at the Art Is Beauty home
so I thought I would do a quick post 
to catch you all up.
First of all
My NEW post for
is up. 
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to stop over and check it out.
You can see the Full POST HERE

 Also after years of putting it off,
I finally uploaded some of my paintings that people have been asking me about
My COVENTINA is the most asked about so I uploaded a canvas print you can see
You can now purchase Canvas artwork prints or even Posters and Pillows
of a few of them.
If you are interested you can see my featured products HERE.
Including this Pillow

So THAT is what has been going on here...oh and Braces appts....and birthdays and Camping..

Leave it to us Michiganders to suck every minute of life out of our Summers.
We know we won't see it again for another year!

Hopefully you guys are all caught up now.
I hope my Beauties are having a great summer so far.
Thanks for making my day BEAUTIFUL!!