Thursday, December 17, 2015

From Dirty Blonde to Gorgeous Green Buffet Makeover

Hello again my BEAUTIES!
I have a fun and funky makeover for you today.
I got this old Blonde buffet at a local Thrift Shop.
I loved the lines of it, but the Finish not so much.
It was the traditional old blonde color that had seen its day.
It was discolored in many spots with lots of stains and scratches.
I loved the cool pulls but only 2 of them were left on the piece.
All the rest had broken off.
I was trying to decide what color I wanted this piece to be while I also figured out
what type of hardware I wanted to put on it.
Decisions Decisions...

 I finally decided to use my arrow pulls I had been hoarding (I mean saving)
I had to drill new holes for the hardware since the old pulls had been dropped into the tops of the drawers.
I changed the top of the buffet by using my General Finishes Java Gel stain.
It gave it the nice deep color I was looking for.

Then it was time for color. I decided to mix up a custom green and wet brush in some other deeper and lighter greens.
After it dried I waxed and buffed it and added on the new arrow pulls.
 I was in LOVE!! It was one of those moments where my daughter and I were talking about what piece we could take out of our house and replace this with it.
She kindly offered her room..:)
I rejected her KIND offer. :)

I love how much the colors changed the WHOLE look of this piece.

I quick brought it into my booth before my daughter could change my mind.
Good thing too...cause it SOLD already..
Bitter Sweet, 
but happy to know it was going to a good home.
I hope you enjoyed this fun makeover
Until next time..
Go Make someones day BEAUTIFUL!


Unknown said...

Awesome color & I love the arrow pulls! Great makeover!