Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Back to School Deck Makeover ~~~ AFTER...finished makeover!

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 Welcome back again my Beauties!
I finally can show you the Deck Makeover now that it finally stopped raining..
Every....Single...Day...for the last few weeks.
You may remember the BEFORE post HERE!
Well now its time to show you the AFTER!

I even made you guys a little video so you could see me in the process 
of staining the deck.

As you could see in the video I was using

Olympic ELITE Advanced Stain + Sealant in One is a super-premium stain formulated to unlock and protect woods natural beauty with unrivaled richness and depth of color. A curated color palette of 14 rich wood-inspired colors utilizes only the most durable pigments for natural beauty and durability. A semi-solid provides more hide for wood with imperfections.

I chose the WENGE color and I am so happy I did.
I was BEYOND thrilled with how well this product worked.
Now I have stained my deck quite a few times in the almost 20 years that we have lived here
and I have NEVER had it so easy as I did this time.
Normally I would use a regular good quality deck stain and
for the process I would take a brush and run between all the boards and edges and then later go back over with a stain pad and finish up.
But THIS TIME..I didn't have to do that, thanks to the EXCELLENT advice from
Arvid of Olympic Stains.
When I went to pick up my stain he wanted to talk to me about the process.
I am so glad he did. He is the one who told me about this Wooster stain brush..(it looks like a wallpaper brush almost) 
It worked great, but I needed it to have a longer handle.
So I grabbed this little attachment for my 
extension pole.

I was in love..I can't believe I never knew about this.
This is the fastest and easiest I have EVER re-stained my deck.
The brush doesn't SNAG like the ole stain pads so I only had to use
one thing to stain the whole deck.
 Here you can see I had started on the side decks first. What a difference already!
I was amazed.

Here is all the decks in the process of drying.
Gotta love that Deck furniture thrown all over the yard look, don't ya!? :)
Now it was time to start putting the furniture back.
I love how RICH the color came out. 

I love how it feels like I am almost sitting in the living room with dark rich hardwood floors.
It plays off of our dark pergola so well too,
tying it all together. 
I especially love how it looks against the house..
seeing as it took us all summer to paint the DANG thing last summer.
You can see that post HERE.

What a difference. I just love walking out side and seeing the clean and warm dark stained deck.
I am so happy its DONE! Now I can enjoy it for the
Fabulous Fall weather we have coming our way.
My BACK TO SCHOOL project is finally DONE!
I hope you enjoyed this latest and greatest makeover.
Until next time (I will be lounging on my deck )
I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day!


Maria73 said...

Was this a solid stain?