Thursday, September 24, 2015

French Magazine Table Makeover Themed Furniture Project

Hello my Beauties!
It feels good to have a makeover for you guys again.
As some of you may know, we had a funeral for my brother in law this week, 
and my Mom went into the hospital and has been there all week.
Hopefully by the time you read this she will be back home.
I am so glad that I had finished all my projects early for once, so that I could be a part of this 
Maybe there is something to be said for NOT procrastinating :)
This months Theme was FRENCH..
You KNOW how much I love anything FRENCH..
My Grandma was born in  Saumur France..Even though she died before I was born, I grew up looking at old pictures with things handwritten in French on the back 
and reading French post cards that she had sent back and forth to family.
So any French Project feels like HOME to me.

This is what I started with.
It was an old dark stained magazine table.
I really have not seen many of these and I was intrigued by the simple style of it.
I was not intrigued by the dark shelac stain and think finish on base, but I knew I could liven that up.
I liked the wood finish on the top it just didn't match the base.
So I decided to go with a two toned style.
I used some deco art chalky style paint for the base and gave it a couple coats.
I then waxed and buffed it and got started on the top.
I had this simple little stencil that I have had for a while so I decided to use it on the top.
Since the table if its next to a couch or something would be turned I decided to keep the stencil so that it would work with the table sitting that way.
I centered it in the middle and used the same paint I had used for the base and 
stenciled on the French Graphic.
When it was dry I just sealed it with the same clear wax that I used on the base.
I love how it changed the whole look of the table.
It kept the old wood top and warmth with the vintage graphic
and yet lightened up the bottom.
I also decided to add a little UMPH to the base by adding another little scrolly stencil 
I simply lightly stenciled it on and lightly sanded it to distress it then 
waxed it again to seal it.
 What a difference just a little bit of paint made to this table.

I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover and I wanted to thank all of you 
for all your thoughts and prayers and comments on Facebook during this past week.
I appreciate it so much.
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