Thursday, September 24, 2015

Autumn Rustic Arrow Decor made from Salvage and Repurposed Materials

Hello again my Beauties!
Welcome back. 
I have joined up with a bunch of my blogging buddies for the Fall Ideas Tour. 
When I joined up I thought, I can do an easy Thrifty Fall craft....;
Easy Peasy....:)
and then the days started slipping away..
kids back to school, lots of work stuff and booth stuff that had to be taken care of;
and I thought..OH NO...what if I can't think of something thrifty to do?
Well, have no the process of working on other projects my 
FALL IDEA struck.
I was cleaning some stuff up in my garage and working on some furniture projects when 
I happened upon a pile of my pallet wood.
I also was cleaning up old hardware and other pieces from projects, 
and my BRAIN had an FALL IDEA.
Repurposed and Salvage Autumn Rustic Arrows.
I grabbed my Rockwell Bladerunner a straight edge
and a pencil and got to work.
I wanted them to be "RUSTIC" so I didn't want to be perfect about angles 
and edges.
I simply drew some straight lines across my boards and then drew a line to angle
them in half as a guide line where to cut.
I used my saw to simply cut the boards into squares and then cut them in half.
Then the fun part.
I grabbed my old hardware parts.
These were the face brackets from some old knobs I had taken off an old dresser. they had 3 holes perfect for attaching the top of the arrow and the bottom of the arrow.
I did this on a few more arrows and gave them a wash of paint with some gray brown paint, and let them dry.
Now here is when I could have grabbed my fancy cutting machine, and made some stencils,
but I wanted this to be "THRIFTY" meaning anyone could make these. 
So I decided to just paint them on by hand.
I just used so cream craft paint and
a black sharpie and outlined the letters.
Then to display them I grabbed some pallet wood and made a little stand for them and screwed them into the stand.
The perfect "THRIFTY" Autumn Rustic Arrow Fall decor.
I spent ZERO dollars.
You can't get much THRIFTIER than that! :)
I am not the only one being thrifty either.
Be sure to stop over and see ALL the fabulous bloggers and their Fall Ideas!