Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nautica Inspired Calming Waters Basement Makeover and a Gift card Giveaway!

Hello My Beauties! I am so excited to finally be showing you my basement Makeover!
My Basement has  been on my to do list for a while. That being said you can bet I was excited when Nautica Paint  asked me to be a part of their Nautica at Home Signature color collection blogger program. Nautica’s goal with their new premium paint line is to Bring the Energy of the Water to your Home.
FINALLY, the MOTIVATION I needed to tackle my lack luster basement!

This is the BEFORE!
I hadn't painted this room since before my TWINS were BORN!
They are over 11 years old now; it was time!
I have to tell you! This paint is awesome!
I would use it even if it wasn't a sponsor! 
Thats how happy I am with it.
The people closest to me know how many times I paint my rooms (And often tease me that my house is getting smaller because of all the painting)  SO they also know who to ask about who makes
great paint! 
THIS is GREAT Paint.
I went to Menards, and had them mix me up some SEA SALT..
I wanted a calm color but not WHITE!
You guys know I LOVE COLOR too much!
So I prepped my basement
and started painting.
I decided to paint my trim with the white paint I used from my Art Studio Makeover
This is what is on the direct other side of that window in main area of the basement!
and then I put that awesome Sea Salt color on my walls and I was in LOVE!

LOOK at the difference!
I was ecstatic!
My basement didn't feel like a dungeon anymore!

I made a Compass window with a vinyl decal that I bought from a vendor at my booth and and old window I had laying around and put up my awesome Canvas print from Shutterfly of our trip to one of the most COASTAL places of all...... IRELAND!

I had been meaning for 2 years to get a canvas print of  the SKELLIGS 
Now I had it, and I had a Coastal Basement to put it in!

I decided to fill my walls with all the things my wanderlust heart loves!
My old Vintage Seascape Oil Painting that I had picked up at a thrift store years ago!
I added some rust arrow decor and painted my old clock to fit with the coastal theme!

I even added this awesome Pub table (which also reminded us of Ireland...:)) that I had made over from my bloggy friend 
(I will you show that makeover in a later post)
I moved my Buffet that was already down there closer to the couch to make better use of the space.
And when I spotted this vintage O'keefe print that looks like an old Irish Cottage at the Thrift store I knew it would go perfect above the table to remind us of our time in Ireland

I Love how this print reminds us to put down our maps and get wonderfully lost (which happened plenty in Ireland)
 I even picked this cute little gold whale up at the craft store to remind me of the waters of Ireland!

 I am thrilled with how much my basement now reminds me of the Calming Waters of Ireland.

I’m so happy that Nautica At Home Paint is sponsoring a reader giveaway – one lucky winner will get a $100 gift card to Menards®! 
Its the Holidays! 
Every little bit helps!
So just use the Rafflecopter 
Gadget below and you could be the $100
G.C. winner!

I was provided with painting supplies by Nautica, but this is not a paid post.  They offered me a idea  to begin creating my room makeover: a favorite memory on the water.