Sunday, December 6, 2015

Home for Christmas REclaimed REpurposed REcycled Christmas Tree DIY

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Welcome back my Beauties!!!

I am going to show you how to make a Reclaimed,
Repurposed and Recycled Christmas Tree from
Stuff you have laying around the house.

Now you all know I have a stash of wood scraps that I save for JUST SUCH AN OCCASION..
If you don't you could always go find some free pallets and cut them apart, or improvise and make this with trim wood or you can buy SHIMs and make a smaller version. As for me I had this leftover from the Farmhouse Coffee Table I built.
 Gather your wood scraps and your saw.
I used my Rockwell Compact Circular Saw,
but you could use a hand saw if you have the muscle for it :)
 Then line up your boards making sure you cut your tree so it fits on the support board.
Get out your straight edge and pencil to draw your cut lines.

Now for the FUN part! TIME TO CUT..Grab your safety glasses and START CUTTING!
The reason I chose my Rockwell Compact Circular saw was because it can STILL cut through these thick boards even with its smaller size. No big bulky circular saw needed and its light and easy to guide.

Once all your boards are cut line them up and you are ready to screw them in.
I forgot to take the picture, but all I did was flip this over and screw in my support board to the back of the tree boards. 
 For the base, I simply made a little support stand with the leftover scrap wood and some metal brackets I had in my tool box.
 Once that part is done you can start painting what ever color your heart desires!

Since this is a Reclaimed and Repurposed and Recycled Project,
I threw in some decorative stuff I had from other projects.
I had these little metal stars that I had picked up at goodwill for some Christmas signs last year, and that fun little Reindeer was from the Dollar Tree and was leftover from decorating my booth at CHANGING THYMES GRANDVILLE
I didn't have to buy anything to make this project.


 You know FREE is my FAVORITE Four letter F word! :)
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