Sunday, June 18, 2017

Creating an Eating Nook with IKEA benches

Welcome back my Beauties!
Today I am going to show you how I created my Eating Nook with Ikea benches.

kitchen makeover boho home decor eclectic style diy painted

Last week I showed you my Kitchen Makeover that you can see HERE!
Now I will show you how I created that cute little  Eating Nook in that odd corner of my kitchen that has been the bane of my existence for almost 20 years.

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While working on my kitchen makeover, I was trying to figure out what I could do with the weird corner in my kitchen.
For almost 20 years I have put corner china cabinets or hutches there trying to just fill the space.
I could never figure out what else to put there.
I wanted to build a corner bench for the kids but knew I didn't want to do a full construction project incase I ever wanted to change up the kitchen again. (I know myself and I know how much I love to change things, so I try to do things that aren't PERMANENT so I don't have to worry about Commitment Issues with major construction issues :)) 
So one day I got on my computer and looked up simple benches. 
I came upon these
 IKEA Molger benches.
I linked to the ones they sell on Amazon if you don't have an IKEA near you. They are much cheaper at IKEA but I know not everyone has that option.
I spent a total of $75 on the two benches straight from Ikea. 

IKEA MOLGER benches dark walnut diy blogger breakfast nook kitchen makeover eclectic boho chic home decor

Once I got my benches I started assembling them.  You can see here I have one together and just starting on the second one. 
I got my Bistro table from World Market but only because it was on SUPER SALE and I had an awesome $10 gift card.
If I hadn't scored that I would have bought this one from AMAZON. 

ikea mogler benches turned corner breakfast eating nook home decor

Now you can see from this picture how that little space in the corner would have been left open. I knew if I left it open then stuff would just fall down and the kids would lay and put their feet on the wall. 

So I painted up this little square table that my sister in law had given me and sawed the legs down to just the right size to put in the corner.
corner gallery wall brash geometric shelf boho chic eclectic style home decor
Once I had my benches and tables in place I could start decorating.
I wanted a fun eclectic feel so I purchased some 
Embroidered Mandala throw pillows from a local home store.
For the walls I grabbed one of my canvas prints from our trip to IRELAND that you can see HERE.
I also put up this really cute geometric metal and glass wall ledge to put some decor on.
The other wall is where I hung my "Drink More Travel Often"

diy eating nook using Ikea benches Bistro table corner booth bohemian decor eclectic style kitchen table reading nook travel wanderlust
And that, my Beauties,
was how easy it was to create this simple Eating Nook using Ikea Benches.
It was so fun and I love the FUNCTION that it added to our dining area.
No more wasted space just filling a cabinet to fill that corner.
My daughter sits and draws here, my son loves to eat his breakfast here, and I love to drink my coffee here.
Even though we have lived in our house for almost 20 years, it's so fun to change things up to make it feel different once in awhile.
No need to pack boxes and up our mortgage; just a few hours of work and the place feels NEW!
I hope you enjoyed this latest DIY project.
I seem to have been on a roll lately, but I think mostly it's from being trapped in the house during these dark and cold months.
Hopefully the sun will soon be shining and I will be back showing you furniture makeovers.
Until then,
Go make someone's day BEAUTIFUL!


abuenin said...

Thank you for sharing your fabulous idea! I may have to make the 2 hour trek to IKEA and see if I can find some benches and a possible table substitute for my corner in my patio. Again thank you for the inspiration.

Rita said...

What size/type of pillows did you use for cushioning? Having a difficult time finding the right fit for 2 benches.

Art Is Beauty said...

Rita, I used 4 of the chair cushions that you usually put on a dining chair. I just tied them to the back of the benches.