Monday, January 15, 2018

Roadside Rescue Eclectic Emerald Green Dresser Makeover

roadside rescued dresser chest of drawers makeover before veneer removal and repair
Welcome back my Beauties.
I have been waiting to show you this Roadside Rescued Eclectic Emerald Green Dresser for a while
and I am so happy to finally being able to get around to editing and posting it.
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It may look a bit familiar to you if you have been following me for a while. 
You can see the partner to the piece I did HERE
Both pieces were rescued at that same time and took almost the same amount of work to bring them back to functioning pieces of furniture.

wood veneer removal roadside rescued dresser makeover before and after repair boho chic
One of the first things that needed to be done with both pieces was to remove all the damaged veneer off of them.
This required a few days, some slivers and major tenacity.
As with the first piece the veneer did NOT want to come off.
Every method was tried again. You know....the Wet Towel to release the veneer. The heat gun to also try to release the glue holding the veneer. None of those worked. 
The only thing that did was to use a good ole paint scraper
I worked for hours to get every little bit I could off.
Once the veneer was removed I used my Belt Sander to get it to a nice smooth finish and remove all the little bits of veneer that were being stubborn :)

veneer removal sanding and finishing of roadside rescued dresser top finish

I mean, look at that wood underneath. 
I sometimes wonder why they laid the thin piece of wood over the solid slats of wood underneath. 
For the top I finished it off with the same finish as the previous piece.

general finishes emerald green water based milk paint roadside rescue dresser makeover before and after
But for the base I wanted a little more POP!
SO I chose General Finishes Emerald Green Milk Paint.
I gave the base 2 coats and cleaned up the original hardware and put those back on.

eclectic emerald green roadside rescued dresser before and after makeover veneer removal repair diy
I think you will agree that the green made it really POP!

general finishes emerald green  boho chic dresser makeover before and after roadside rescue water based milk paint
I actually tried to figure out a way to keep it for my own house, but as you know I can't keep everything.
So it went to my booth and it is now in someone else's home getting a second lease on life.before and after Roadside Rescued Dresser Makeover Emerald Green Eclectic Boho style

I think besides the green happy paint, the thought of keeping another piece out of the landfill makes me even happier.
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover.
I am going to be a busy little bee
working on some more pieces
so be sure to check back to see what else I am working on.
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So until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!