Monday, October 10, 2011

"BONNE NUIT" Goodwill Pillow cases!

Good morning everyone!! We had a wonderful, fun filled weekend camping and trick or treating up at the campground for Pentwater's October fest!. The kids and adults scored lots and lots of candy, and we all laughed till our stomachs hurt. It was a great time. But all good things must come to an end and its back to work we go on Monday. When we got home from camping and after we finished cleaning out the camper and started all the loads of laundry..(the bad side of camping...:)) I sat at my computer and low and behold, the graphics fairy

had just put up this great steam punk clock. I thought "How cute would that look on a pillowcase" So I used my editing program and added "bonne nuit" over the clock. Which means GOOD NIGHT, in French. How perfect to put this on something you lay your head on to go to sleep....:) I took some beautiful old cotton pillowcases that I had gotten at Goodwill for only 99 cents each and I used the reverse image function on my printer to print out the graphic on my iron on transfer paper and followed the manufactures instructions.

This is how they turned out and I loved them!!! I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day....and Night!!!!
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