Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Goodwill Coffee table

I seem to be on a coffee table kick these days. I don't know why the sudden stock of them at my local Goodwill, but looking at what is being turned in, I am thinking it is due to the "U.G.L.Y. you ain't got no alibi" ness of these tables.

When I saw this table, I just loved the detail on it. It was heavy construction and built very solid. Just Not that great to look at. So I sanded the top and started priming. When that was done, I was ready to start painting. Now with my sprayer, I need to strain the paint to make sure there are no impurities that will get into my sprayer. Let me tell you...this is an impatient persons nightmare...I am like a little kid on Christmas morning waiting for all the paint to strain, so I can start painting. :) I know its for a good reason, but it takes LIKE FOREVER!!!! :)

Once the paint is strained I can finally start to paint. I needed to give this baby a good couple of coats of Glidden's "wood smoke". I love the classy simple color of it and best of all I got it for FREE when Glidden was doing there paint give away.....BONUS!!!

When it was dry, I started to give it a glaze with an ebony glaze. It is very dark and I loved the subtle chocolate gray color it became, and when I distressed it I loved it even more. Now here is where the tough decisions came in. I had to decide if I was also going to glaze the legs.

After careful consideration, and asking my 13 year old daughter..since she would tell me if something was ugly or not...:) She said to keep the legs gray. I did but I used just a tiny bit of glaze and just lightly glazed the bottom just to give a subtle look to it.

I am loving how it turned out and now have to wait for it to fully dry to give it a coat of spray poly. I love how paint can transform something that was less than pretty into something worthy of going back into ones home.

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