Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reclaimed Spooky HALLOWEEN poison bottles

Since I have about 1billion projects going at once and another billion just up in my head...I thought I would show you something I did last night as I was cleaning out..(never finished that, because while I was cleaning I found these bottles..:)) My work shed....UGH!!
I remembered that I had a graphic from none other than the GRAPHICS FAIRY (LOVE HER!!) So since I had multiple size bottles I wanted different size graphics. I used the arsenic label 2 times then cut just the skeleton out, etc.......I glued them on the bottles and then used modge podge to cover the labels. I love to tatter the edges of the paper to make the labels look old.
I want to thank my friend Danny for these bottles. He is as big a thrift er as me and hates to see things go to waste. Well he has been "collecting" these old bottles for a while. He lives by a body of water, which he lovingly calls "the swamp" and finds all of these old bottles that people have just thrown into the water....:( Well everyone knows how much I love a re-use, so when he offered me these bottles..(I believe his wife made him get rid of his "collection" ) I could not refuse. I knew I would use them for something, and here they are, all ready to be used as a spooky Halloween decoration. I even left the dirt and such in the bottles since they are "vintage". I wanted them to keep there vintage feel...
I hope you have a spooky, and BEAUTIFUL day!!! :)
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