Thursday, October 13, 2011

"FRENCH MARKET" SIGN made from leftover table top

I don't know if you guys remember or not, but one of my very first posts was on cutting a table in half and making it into a phone table. You can see that post HERE.

Well being the thrift er that I am, I wouldn't let my Hubby throw away the other half of the table top. He said, and I quote, "what the heck are you going to do with 1/2 of a table top". I said, I dunno, but I know I will do something!!!....:)

Well, when I was SUPPOSE to be cleaning out my work shed, I found said table top and 1/2 a can of orange paint..Inspiration
and distraction...:) hit at the same time. I had no Idea what I was gonna do at the time so I just started spraying. I would let the board and the paint decide.

So I got it painted orange and remembered hearing something on multiple blogs about using glue as a crackle medium. So I ran in and asked my teenager if we had any. :) when the paint was dry I started slopping on the glue and thought...HMMMM, maybe I should actually look up how to do this...:) So I went to elmers website and it was all there.

BEFORE the glue drys you need to put your top layer of paint on, You CANNOT use spray paint for the top! I am so glad I read that somewhere. I went and grabbed my acrylics and mixed up a squash yellow that I thought would go nicely with the orange.

Now being the impatient person I am, I went and grabbed the blow dryer, just so I could watch the crackle happen faster...:) I loved how it turned out. Now for a graphic......duuuhhhhh!! I thought about "farmers market" "grocery" or something like that.
But pretty much I love EVERYTHING French. So you guessed it, I decided on FRENCH MARKET. :)
I used my word processing program and typed out the font I wanted . I then used my carbon paper to transfer the font to the sign. I used my Mars Black acrylic paint and painted it on.
When that was dry, I took it outside the next morning and "sanded the crap out of it" :) Making sure to gouge and rip off some of the paint, to make it look authentic.

I then took a dark walnut stain and went over the whole sign to age any exposed wood. When that was dry I gave it a quick coat of spray poly. It is hanging in my kitchen now and I LOVE IT!! Just think, cleaning out the shed (its still dirty) led to this. I love how I had no idea what I was doing when I started and it all turned into this. Just like a painting, I let it decide.

I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day. I know I will, sipping my coffee, looking at my sign over my kitchen sink....:) Now about those dishes; where the heck did the maid go???"? :)
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