Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goodwill Fireplace Reveal.....FINALLY :)

Can you tell I am a little bit EXCITED!! I have sooo been wanting a Fireplace in my living room FOREVER!!

Low and behold my favorite Goodwill (HI ladies...:) ) had this perfectly working electric fireplace and solid oak mantle.

They had just marked it down from 100 bucks....How could I turn that down...Well.... I couldn't...:) So the hubby got home and didn't even kill me when he saw it sitting in the garage. I got that sucker out of my truck all by my lonesome because I am so impatient. Well of course the snow started flying that night so I had to work in the garage. (Hubby was thrilled...LOL) I first started by painting the brass with a hammered bronze paint. Guess what we had for dinner that night..Hahahaha..:)

Then I got to sanding her down and priming.

When she was dry I painted her and waited her to dry so I could distress and wax her.

Then, again, all by my lonesome I dragged her in the house to see where she was gonna go. This is where I found out I was gonna have to sweet talk the hubby into cutting the trim..:) He is much better at cutting exact cuts.

So he pulled off the trim and got to work.

We got her positioned where she needed to go and then it was my turn to do filling of nail holes and touch up of paint.

Then the fun stuff....Decorating. I normally don't decorate this early for Christmas, but as Thanksgiving is only a week away I decided to forgo the Turkey day decor and jump right to the Christmas decor, since it takes me a week to set it all up anyway.

Here you can see the awesome trim work the hubby did to make it look like the mantle was built right into the wall.

Here are some shots of the detail.

I am so excited to have the fireplace going during our long cold winters here in Michigan, and even more so to Holidays with the Christmas tree and fire going. I am a happy camper.
I hope you all have a wonderful day and super duper Holidays!!!
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