Sunday, November 20, 2011

plain chair turned Faux French Grain sack chair

Good Morning and Thank you again to Karen of at The Graphics Fairy, for this beautiful Graphic. My sister picked up this chair for me at Goodwill for $9.99  The chair was in perfect condition, but very simple and plain.

I thought about recovering in some pretty fabric, but I couldn't. The fabric was in absolutely perfect condition. Not a stain on it and actually really nice.

Well I have been wanting a French Grain sack chair, but didn't want to spend the money. Also like other people I know who have gotten ahold of those vintage grain sacks....They have such a hard time cutting them...(meaning, they feel guilty cutting them up)

So I got out my fabric paints. I used some carbon paper and traced over the printed out graphic. It left a very light outline. Just enough for me to follow.

Here it is, on its way.

Now it looked O.K. like this, but It needed something more. So I watered down my fabric paint and ran two light lines right down the middle. I love how it looks and cost me nothing besides the chair. I had the paints...(which I got at Goodwill, in a giant bag for a buck....:))  I love how it looks and its Oh SO comfortable.  I hope you enjoyed this little project and you have a BEAUTIFUL day.

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