Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Harlequin diamond cedar chest

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Yeah..I finally get to show you the finished cedar chest I did!~

Remember this baby I got at the GW for 8.99?

She was in perfect condition, just not to much to look at

So I sanded primed and painted her in the fun vintage blue color I mixed up.

Once she was dry I brought her inside, because as you remember its FREEZING outside....:) Well as you can see from the pictures I had tried a harlequin calculation that I had found on line.....THAT was not working for me...No matter how many times I tried and recalculated the diamonds would just not come out right...I was about ready to go my regular route and just free hand paint a flower on it or something because I was so frustrated!!

Well thanks to a wonderful Facebook follower Jennifer Papin quickly facebooked me and told me to do this..find something to cut your shape out of it and just start drawing on the diamonds.....

Hold on a second while I smack my forehead.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So basically within about an hour I had drawn on all of my diamonds and painted them in....UNBELIEVABLE!  (again Jen......THANK YOU, I tried to convince her to do a blog...Lets see if this does it...:)

I knew I was going to be edging my diamonds with this baby so I didn't have to be too anal retentive in the painting in the lines..:)   So I used a straight edge to line all of my diamonds. I then distressed her to make her paint job fit in with the age of the chest. I love how she went from boring to fabulous, and all it took was some DIAMONDS....;)  (hmmmm maybe I should cover myself in diamonds...)
I hope you enjoyed this and don't forget....only 9 more days to enter the giveaway for the hand painted original signed oil painting HERE.
I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!! 

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