Monday, November 23, 2015

Homemade Faux Mercury Glass Decor using Spray Paint

This was one of my very first posts in the very beginning!
But it is still one of my most popular.
So here is a Replay on
how to make your very own Mercury Glass.

I had so much fun with this project! I have been waiting to do this for a while and its been on my list of things to do...which is about 1 BILLION things long....:)   
What motivated me, was finally one day at goodwill I got a score on a group of similar size and style bowls. I had wanted a graduated set to do this little project with and FINALLY had found one.

I had finally found the Krylon Looking Glass paint at Hobby Lobby. So I was all ready to start.

Now I have read plenty of tutorial on pintrest and what not and even on the Krylon page. What they tell you do is to shake the can for a good 3 -5 minutes. Lightly spray the inside of the glass with a little bit of water, and shake it out so there is still a tiny amount of water in there. Then do short small bursts to put your paint on. You can see it kind of pools so you have to roll it around. Bring it to the edge and have paper towel to wipe the edge ( You can see my bowl had a nice metal ring that came off so this made it easy for me not to have to worry about getting it on the silver ring. )

I even turned it upside down with a paper underneath to make sure it all got covered. Well you can see in my hand there isn't much mercury pattern. So on the next one, when I added the water I rinsed the bowl with a tiny bit of dawn dish soap and rinsed until there was just a tiny bit of bubbles in the rinsed water. Now we all remember that Dawn commercial about how it cuts through the grease. Well this worked great for a pattern with mirror paint too....:) It worked much better. You can see it left a more variegated pattern.

Now just remember it takes a couple coats to do this, but I just love how it turned out.

Such a rich classic look. I hope this helped you and motivated you to try this fun project. Don't forget to go on Hobby Lobby's website to get the coupon for 40 percent off too. That paint is expensive but with the discount it really helps. I did 8 things with it and still have some left. I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and have a BEAUTIFUL day...:)

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