Saturday, November 28, 2015

scrabble tiles ornaments

So you remember how I made the scrabble coasters HERE

Well, once my Mom heard about them, she was on a mission to find me more scrabble tiles. Well she did, and I was
kinda like..." what do I do with them"
Well with Christmas around the corner I thought...maybe I could make some ornaments..and I did..
What I did was take some of my Jute twine that I had gotten at Goodwill and used my hot glue gun to
glue the tiles down. Once they were glued down I glued ribbon on the backside to give it a nice finish.
I just love how they turned much that I spent the night making custom ones with each of my kids names on them for
our Christmas Tree.
This was such a fun craft....minus the burns from the hot glue gun....:)
I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day.

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