Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ella's room reveal, furniture makeover and a painting

O.K. Her room is DONE!!! I should remind you that I started taping the ceiling for my daughter's room before I messed up my back. So since before Christmas her room has had blue tape edging half of her ceiling. Never once did she complain what a cluster bomb her room was. She just waited and waited and waited. So I had to paint the painting she wanted. I have a practice acrylic book and she saw this flower in it and wanted that painted for above her bed...So I did and she loved it....She told me she was spoiled when she saw it...It was so sweet and made the whole process worth it.
So now to the other stuff. Well she has had this shelf in her room since she was born. Nice heavy duty shelf but OAK., and this cute little bench that I had gotten at a garage sale years ago for $4.

Well they both got the homemade chalk paint do over. You can see the recipe HERE.

When they were dry, they got a nice distressing and wax and waited to go back in her room.

Look at her cute little reading corner, along with said bench.

Well she is my little artist and I knew she was gonna have an ART board, so I ran to Hobby Lobby and got some chip board letters and some scrapbooking paper and glued them on and cut them out.

Here they are waiting to hang.....

And here they are hanging up in her room
Now this is my lifesaver. She has so many "PRETTIES" as we call them in our house; barrettes, ponytail's, earrings, bracelets..etc....I got one of these cute little organizers to hang on the back of her door.

Here is her dresser that I redid too...I will show the tutorial on that later.

Here is an old secretary that I had painted years ago, and it has always been in her room, but now it just POPs with the wall color. Last but not least her bed that I had gotten a couple of years ago at a garage sale and my painting in a goodwill frame that matched the bed perfect.  I know this post is jumbly mumbly, but I am so tired and happy. So as I say to my kids...DEAL WITH IT....LOL!!! :)    I hope you enjoyed this BIG project... Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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