Monday, January 2, 2012

French Tray revamp

Happy 2nd day of January!! I hope you all had a BEAUTIFUL and wonderful New Years. We had fun with the kids and some friends.
Ate way too much junk, and had a tummy ache for the New Year...So it was like every year...:) A tradition I always stick too...:)

So with the whole back thing, I have had to subdue some of my projects.

My M.I.L. had gotten this tray for me at Goodwill. She saw it and said, its cute but I know you can do something to make it cuter. So while I was going stir crazy from all the forced relaxation I had to endure; I went in to my CRAP room , errrrr Craft room and got one of my favorite graphics from THE GRAPHICS FAIRY

I got out my carbon paper and traced on the graphic. I then took my black acrylic paint and painted it on. When it was dry I lightly distressed it and gave it a quick coat of poly.

Now I have a nice little Parisian tray that took about 20 minutes and didn't require any heavy lifting...:)

Have a BEAUTIFUL 2nd day of January!!! :)
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