Monday, January 16, 2012

more vintage bottles via the graphics fairy

Trying to get my booth ready for valentines day. I am not normally a VALENTINE decor person...until now....:)
I have had these great old bottles for a while now. I purchased them (crazy, normally I would never buy old used bottles..) at Goodwill. I fell in love with the colors and the shape of them. I didn't know what I was going to do with them until I came across this......

The ole GRAPHICS FAIRY to the rescue. Look at the great vintage label, with such subtle pinks and greens; perfect for the bottles.  So I printed two of them off and modge podged them to the bottles.  Took them to my booth and ......voila....perfect for my little valentine vignette. I just love the subtle romantic look of them.

I hope you all have a beautiful day.

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Unknown said...

This is a wonderful idea!! The bottles are lovely!

reFresh reStyle said...

I love these! they are perfect!

WhyCuzICan said...

Karin!!!! Really cute and LOVE the blog redesign, you clever girl!

Let me know when you finally try CS!

Your fan, like, errr.... ALWAYS,
Smiles, Suzanne in NW Illinois
Via: Brag Monday at GraphicsFairy

Bibi said...

Those bottle are amazing.
I was looking for the labels on the graphics fairy website,but couldn't find it,do you have a link to it?

Okio B Designs said...

Beautiful! It's like those images were made for your bottles! Great choices. They look so pretty!


Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Love it when a plan comes together! Lovely vignette! Thanks for sharing!!