Saturday, January 19, 2013

Old door chalkboard Menu Board

I am loving Chalkboards right now. I think it goes back to my love of doodling on the chalkboard at school when I was a kid. The fun it was to draw whatever you wanted and wipe it away and start all over in a matter of seconds.. Well as you may remember I got to go to a great Estate Sale of a shop that was closing. Happened by chance to find out afterward that the shop was owned by a local artist named Corey Vanduinen . If you happen to stop by his facebook page, please let him know how talented he is. I couldn't believe when I got home and looked him up and realized this guy had installments in our national art competition that I check out every year; ARTPRIZE. Anywhoo, By the time I was able to get there, most of the items were sold. I did manage to get a few items as you can see from the back of my suburban! :) One of those items being this old door. I just loved the old patina of it. Years of love and wear made it too good to be thrown away.

So I thought, what a perfect door for a chalkboard. So I mixed up my homemade chalkboard paint recipe, which you can find HERE
and pulled up one of my favorite GRAPHICS FAIRY graphics and started by transferring part of the image onto my door.

Then I got out my black acrylic paint and painted it on, and Voila!!!! A cute little French Menu Chalkboard. I just love it!!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, and I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day.

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