Wednesday, January 23, 2013

use what you got homemade pumpkins

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a BEAUTIFUL weekend. We finished up our garage sale over this weekend so I didn't get much time to work on projects and when I did finally have time it started to rain. So by Sunday I need to do something creative but couldn't go out in the yard to work on projects. I decided that I wanted to make some of those cute pumpkins I keep seeing all over blogland. I have seen some cute velvet ones, but I didn't have any velvet. I saw was some cute yarn ones....but I didn't have any yarn....oh and I saw the cutest felt ones....yet again...I didn't have I thought...what DID I have????...well remember those cute wreaths I made from a bolt of material or that old curtain I got at Goodwill...You can see those here and here. Well, I still had the material left, and they

matched my decor so I thought.....why not..

So I got out one of my chargers and used it to draw a circle shape around the back side of the material.

Then I cut the material out.

Then, since I only sew when I absolutely have to, I used my handy dandy hot glue gun to put a little hem around the edge.

When the glue was dry and cool I actually had to sew. Being the thrifty person that I am and using what I had in the house I thought this would be a great way to show how to USE WHAT YOU HAVE to make this project. I am the child of depression age parents. (meaning the GREAT DEPRESSION not sad parents..:) My Dad never threw anything out...much to the dismay of my Mother, and my mother was very crafty and I would always see her using something that was for meant for something else, in a useful way. You know kind of like how if you don't have a hammer, you use your shoe to pound in a nail, and if you don't have a screwdriver you use a butter knife to screw in a screw...LOL...:) Well I didn't have any good thread..(I said we are using what we have for this project) But what I did have was one of those nice extra wool thread packs that you get when you buy a sweater. (I told you I was thrifty.) I save these in my jewelry box all the time...I know I will never use them to fix a sweater, but I always need thread for something small and this was the perfect case.

So I grabbed the very nice wool thread and started to cinch the top of the circle for the pumpkin together.

Once I got about 3/4 around the top of the circle, I filled a zip lock bag with rice, to weight the bottom of the pumpkin. Now normally I would not use my organic brown rice for such a craft, but as you can see, I buy them in 10 pound bags so I had plenty to spare and I was using what I had. I put that in the bottom of the pumpkin and then used a bunch of plastic bags to fill the pumpkin and give it a nice round shape.
When it was done, I went out in the yard and found some twigs that would work perfect for my pumpkins. I used hot glue and stuck the stick down into the center of the pumpkin and then used the rest of the thread to sew the top shut.

Then to add a little embellishment to my pumpkin, I grabbed some of my nice jute rope that I had gotten at Goodwill and used on my wreaths. I wanted them to have a little curl to them so I took a pencil and slowly wrapped the rope around adding a small bead of hot glue to hold parts of it together.

When it was cool I tied them around the stem. I am so happy how they turned out and cost me nothing, since I had all of these items in my house and had used them for other projects. I hope you enjoyed this little craft and I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day.
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