Monday, June 18, 2012

FREE Trash to treasure Pallet Art

I had fun with this project...Anytime I have something FREE
and  I get to use a power tool; I have fun.

See this "crap ton" (as hubby so lovingly calls it)
of wood...Got it for free out of my neighbors garage.
They were happy to have me take it fact I ended up going back TWICE because
they wanted me to take more...OK...:)

I had a pallet on the side of my garage for a while but neither my hubby or I could
dismantle that thing because of the RING shank nails...every time we would try the wood would
split and break. So I thought this would be perfect instead for my pallet art.
I cut the pieces to length and then two boards on the back to hold it together.


Then I stained it. I did it in an slap dash way as to look AGED

Then I went on over to the GRAPHICS FAIRY and got myself her 2 bicycle graphics.
Can you guess how I put them on...????
You can see that tutorial HERE

and there you have it....From Trash to treasure...FREE Artwork.
I can't wait until tomorrow...Wait till you see what I did with the rest of that wood.
I will be guest posting over at REDOUX
on a great project where I show you up close and personal another tutorial on Freezer paper transfer.
I hope you enjoyed and I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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The Graphics Fairy


Unknown said...

Way cool!


DIY Vintage Chic said...

Very cute! I need to try the freezer paper technique. See how I like that. I sure wish I had neighbors handing out a 'crap ton' of wood!

reCreate Design Co said...

great way to make something from nothing! And now you can disregard my FB question about where you are guest posting tomorrow :-)

Jenny said...

Oooh, I love this! Especially the price :)
Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop…I would love if you would come say hello :)
Modern Modest Beauty

CJ said...

What a brilliant use for an old pallett, love it! CJ

Kristen Whitby said...

This is so pretty, I love it!

Shannon Fox said...

You are one brilliant slap dasher!!
So cute.
Perfect combo of graphics and stain :)

Missed ya!! Hope everyone is WELL!