Tuesday, June 19, 2012

KRINK Permanent Paint Pen Giveaway worth $150

<GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can't believe how excited I am for this giveaway! I have worked with KRINK before on a Giveaway and they were Generous enough for my 1 year Blogging anniversary to offer up to you another full set of the K-42 permanent paint pens. This is a $150 value.
This time since THE PEOPLE...(you guys) have spoken I am going to break them up so that 3 different people will win a set of 7 Krink Markers.
Most recently I have used these pens on my latest Dogwood Dresser Makeover. You can see the link to this recent Project HERE. I am also excited to say that I am working on another one right now and can't wait for you to see it tomorrow.

You may remember me gushing about how much I love these pens. I have used them on so many of my projects. You can see how I used them on my daughters doll armoire  HERE
 I also used it on one of my favorite projects so far; my home made chalk paint and Krink Marker Peacock table. You can see that transformation HERE

You can also see how I used it to transform this plain ole end table with a vintage graphic and my KRINK paint marker, HERE
 Now for the information on these wonderful products.

The ultimate creative tool, the K-42 paint marker is easy to use and comes in a wide range of stunning colors. Featuring a broad-tip with valve action, the artist can lay down an abundance of color while strictly regulating the ink's flow. Without using any harmful solvents the K-42's vibrant colors are permanent and fade and water resistant. 10 ml
Now as I have said before I used these on my projects and one of the many benefits of them, is that when they have cured  (which is about 24 hours, depending how thick of a coat you put on) You can wax right over it and it DOESN'T come off. I have used many other "paint pens" and the minute you put a wax on it, it wipes right off..no matter how long its been sitting.
Now for the details of the giveaway!

1st-   you need to be a follower of the blog, either through Linky or email
Come back here and leave a comment saying you did...that is one entry.

2nd- go to my Facebook page  HERE and come back here 
leaving a comment saying you did so...2nd entry

3rd- go to KRINKs Facebook page HERE and LIKE them and come back here 
leaving a comment saying you did so.  3rd entry.  

4th- SHARE the giveaway and comeback here and tell me 
where you shared it and leave a comment  4th entry 

So there you have it....4 chances for 3 people to win this amazing giveaway!
Hurry up and enter, as the Random.org drawing will be June 28, 2012
Good Luck and Have a BEAUTIFUL day.


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