Thursday, June 21, 2012

LOTUS side table makeover

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Here is another cute little side table that I got to use my Krink Permanent Paint pen on.
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See this U.G.L.Y. table. My sister spotted this for me
at those garage sales I told you about a couple weeks ago...
But SHHHHHHH don't say anything..I still owe her the
whole $2 that it cost. I was out of money by the time we got to this house. :)

As you can see it was in pretty ruff shape. This was a LOVED table,
Like "I wish my brother George was here" Loved...:(
The top had essential oils and candle wax on it, so I had to sand that part
pretty good to make sure I got any lumps off.

Then it was Ce Ce Caldwells Traverse City Red to the rescue. (I am from Michigan so I loved it right away, just for the name)

When I waxed it I was so Happy how the purple came through with the red..It was a perfect combination.

And here is where the fun got Funner..(I know its not a word...I don't care)
I found a great little Lotus sketch in my binder that I keep and knew it was the perfect little OOMPH
for the table.

So I got out my ever so lovely KRINK pen and drew it on.

I really love how it just added that extra little something to the simple little table.
Don't forget too, only 6 more days for the giveaway..
Krink $150 worth of paint pens giveaway.
I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day.
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