Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Trashy dresser turned Entertainment Center

You ever have one of those projects where you think it will be REAL easy and
REAL quick....Yeah, me too.....EVERY TIME...

and then you see THIS!!
Yeah, I got the dresser for free. It was a Pick it up or its going to the dump sorta thing.
I HAD to save it. Not only was the bracket missing which I DIDN'T know..It was missing a drawer,
which I did know. So I instantly started work on it.
I knew if I waited too long I would let the dresser sit and I already had an idea brewing in my head.

So the minute I pulled it out of our truck I started working...(I should also mention
we had just pulled in from camping all weekend)
We keep a scrap pile of lumber in our shed and as luck would have it
An exact match to the size I needed.....FREE...

I cut it and notched it to match..

Lookie there...all  by myself...:)  Patting myself on back here..:)

Now we are getting somewhere.

Then AGAIN went to my shed where I had a scrap piece of plywood. I cut it so that it left a gap in
the back for what I had in store..

Then I got to painting. I used my Ce Ce Caldwells Slate sample I had just got...LOVE!
and painted the inside with my OOPS yellow paint
I finished it off with an old hobby lobby stencil I had in the basement.

Can you even believe this is the same dresser!  Its nuts. When I distressed it I wanted a little bit
of the old red to come through since this would be going in my basement which has red accents around the room.

You can see the red accents here. You can see the end table I redid and the Numbers table that I did and was one of my FIRST ever blog posts.
Also if you look at the back wall you can see the HOBBY LOBBY pics that I got at GOODWILL for $3.99....THEY STILL SELL THESE AT THE STORE....I couldn't believe someone bought and got rid of something that is still currently in stock...But one of my faves...The film reel above the pic????
NOPE its a spin tray thing that used to be on the bottom of a swivel TV base...:)  I am sooo cheap..;)

and here is my new entertainment center in its rightful place..

Hiding all of the BILLIONS of cords to the Blue ray...Wii...ETC!!
I love not having to look at those ugly things!!

I hope you enjoyed this too!!
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!
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