Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend Round up for Aug 25 2012

WOW!!! What a week!! It has been crazy here! CRAZY GOOD!
I am sure I am the same as all those other Moms out there who are scrambling now that the kids are going back to school in a little over a week. I have been going nuts trying to complete a bunch of projects because I know as SOON as the bell rings We are gonna be off like Race Horses running to
practices and games and school....
I am tired already...:)
So anyway, this week has been AWESOME. One of my posts this week was my dumpster dive turned dumpster diva dresser.
This was one of those projects I actually thought about NOT putting up. I didn't know if people would really LIKE it. But I did anyway and am I glad I did. It got featured over on
APARTMENT THERAPY!...You can head on over and check out the nice things they said.
I am so grateful that they did that. I had no idea and actually cried when I read the comments.
Everyone is so sweet. I can't believe I actually thought about NOT posting it now.

Then there was this!! I scored it last Friday and spent the weekend putting it back together again..
Can't wait to show you the finished project.

In all the crazy I managed to knock out a small project.My Clock face freezer paper transfer table. This too was a dumpster dive. IF you can believe it my HUBBY actually spotted it...Now you know he would normally try to distract me to look the other way.."look at this naked guy running over here on the other side of the road"  LOL
But not this time.. I think he has given in. 

To top the week off, I even got to hit a garage sale...You can't tell from the pic, but there is a vintage canister set with BREAD BOX and 3 boxes of vintage ornaments in there original boxes. ~swoon~
plus the sweet cooler...
Like I said...AMAZING WEEK...
and now I am working on another Roadside Rescue with my sweet Niece who works for FENNER NATURE CENTER
We are doing a piece with Natural paint and saving it from the landfill to sell for an auction for the center. I am pretty excited about it.
Well I am off to finish the project and my second cup of Java.
I hope you guys have a BEAUTIFUL weekend.!
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Tami Michel said...

Amazing how cute that dresser turned out, definitely deserves an applause. Cannot wait to see how that desk is transformed. I am sure it will be a beauty!
Have a great weekend!
Tami @ Curb Alert!

Colleen said...

so glad you did decide to post the dresser- the momemnt I saw it, I knew we had to feature it. Sanding the flowers to create the color was a genius idea!

Shannon Fox said...

Vintage ornaments... I missed that post. I love the oldies :)